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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Another portfolio change will be made at the open.


  1. maybe today dollar will hit bottom ? never ending story..

  2. stop posting dots - are you kids or something

  3. Jarek,

    It's either those dots or the word 'beep'. Take the dots, trust me. :)

  4. I screwed that up. Should have been -... . . .--.

  5. I wonder how much the US taxpayer will get stuck with bailing out Europe via the IMF?

  6. I'll look to cover another 1/3 of my SSO short some time this morning, leaving just 1/3 of the position.

  7. i got it now.

    when i have no fuckin idea about market i should post DOT because im not able to produce anything smarter than that


  8. If I add to miners it will be very light purchases, if at all. For those interested, including the beating I've weathered, my total miner holdings are down around 1%. Glad to almost through October. :)

  9. GLD is close to overbought already. Course it can stay overbought, but I have my doubts.

  10. Jarek,

    Theres a reason for the dots, people aren't doing it aimlessly.

  11. I wroye this to some friends last night-

    I DO EXPECT that we need a pullback in the Markets soon and thought MAYBE it'd play out that the dollar bounces off of the 200sma, but is trapped in between the 200 and 50 now?? So MAYBE it goes sideways, weak, and drops again later? While the Markets can test the break out line & go sideways at the same time.



    I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED , HOWEVER, if the Markets just KEPT POWERING HIGHER, with a lot of shorts trapped & covering and then people chasing with cash on the sidelines from their recent panic selling.

    Its just 'possibilities' here, but as I've mentioned -I think the dollar is weak. LOOK AT THAT MACD and RSI and ACCUMULATION.

  12. Just covered that 1/3 SSO, good enough for me, booked the loss.

  13. market moving too fast to post these but

    /es sell signal to 1221 stop 1250
    /gc sell signal to 1635 stop 1666

    first legit sell signals in a few days

  14. but good call on that cover SB

    dollar is out of its mind right now

  15. Alex, nice charts posted the last days, on the Sp500 and on the UUP with the observation of its sharp accum-distrib drop..

    In addition ot the miners you've mentioned, there are a couple of undervalued ones with good long term potensial like TLR and MGN, both waiting for their final mining permits (that's the reason for the undervaluations, especially since both are in Montana..).

    Pinetree Capital PNP.TO, ticker on the Nasdaq is PNPFF is an investment fund professionally investing in micro and junior stocks (many of them PM') on the Canadian venture exchange. They were recommended by Byron King a couple of weeks ago. Offers great leverage to the Cdnx shares. Presently trading at around 50% of nav, broke out yesterday.

    However, it's very volatile, check its chart back to 2005.

    Anyway, those are the shares i've accumulated the last weeks.

  16. wow...gold and silver beginning to fly

  17. BOUGHT EXK and XG on the dip....they are holding above their 10 sma's on a monthly

  18. Since I'm gonna stick with what I have and not add into strength, there isn't much for me to do today.

    No reason to watch every tick, so I'm outta here. Good luck. :)

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  21. TROND

    Just caught your post , thanks - and I will look into those ( I have owned / traded both in the past.

    Also I bought GPL last week , since it hit the same low and accumulation seems evident

    I Own NG, XG, EXK, GPL,SWC, and NAK

  22. SB,

    I agree...have a great day all!

    See how this mess turns out!

  23. GLD posted a higher high than the one on 10/17....However the HUI is not higher than it was that day.

  24. A sweet setup on a oil scalp. Keep in mind we are only 15 days into the oil cycle so I am not suggesting anything more than a 50% retracement at this point.


  25. ok. stopped out of DGP short at a decent loss around /gc 1675.

    /gc 1666 was my bull/bear. we're above that but buy volume is not supporting the move. this all assume of course the market is acting normally.

    no clue anymore.

  26. Large volume on the move up in gold. A lot of positions and hands have now bailed, bought, or switched sides.

    After over a month of this chop I think we finally have our answer and direction - up.

  27. Actually SB and KEYS

    My opinion is OCT 4th = THE LOWS , and OCT 20 , recent latest lows.
    and Volume buying is coming into these Miners right now.

    The way I look at things (take EXK,NG, and XG for example) on a 3 month daily chart.
    The lows were on OCT 4th..everyone was BEARISH and throwing them AWAY--

    BUT Buyers came in and pushed them up big off those lows...then a sideways move has kept them strong(Over their 10sma, but wore off Overbought conditions)EXK actually dropped below the MA's , but has recovered...

    They now are ready for a break out over recent OCT highs with volume.

    I.M.H.O. Prices will not be lower than OCT 4th , and now not below OCT 20's recent lows either. Buyers will now buy the dips ( like today)

    EXAMPLE: EXK looks to have large volume buying by days end / and is NOT overbought, so has room to run , and recovered it 10 & 20 sma


  28. 100% long PMs next 2-3 days.

    Keeping UUP puts for now.

  29. I am very, very long right here but I'm not sure for how long. Maybe just a few days. Guess we'll see. I'm not getting too excited. If this is just a back test (pullback) of $GOLD & $SILVER pennants, or rising wedges... it could be over within a week and any downside that follows could be sudden and painful.

    The dollar isn't dead yet IMO.

  30. If you enable your account for margin won't have that problem.


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